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Data for Policy

Data Distil was established to harness the power of data to improve decision making and outcomes. We use data science, analytics, AI and visualisation tools to unlock the value of data and promote informed dialogue. We use data for good, to connect commerce, causes and policy makers through data to address common challenges and make the world a better place.


Data strategies & solutions

Data is a powerful asset that should sit at the heart of any organisational strategy. We will support you to create a strategic data framework to inform investment decisions, external communications activity or policy.

Data analysis & insight

The power of data comes from identifying, analysing and utlising it. Our team will examine your data methodically and interpret it for practical application in line with objectives.

Data visualisation & tools

Our data visualisation tools are designed to bring complex data sets to life. We make data sets digestible and accessible and enable clients to quickly understand, model and forecast the impact of investment or policy decisions on outcomes.

Data training & development

We provide training and development to C-Suite clients to help understand the value of big data and how to unlock data potential in their organisation.
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