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Dram Communications is an independently owned, corporate communications, public affairs & data strategy business based in Scotland. Established in 2008, our experienced team combines strategic, evidence-based counsel and hands on delivery. We are proud to have developed long term trusted relationships with a range of national and international clients.


Communications Strategies

We design integrated communications strategies that develop, cultivate and maintain corporate identity and reputation. Our strategies are highly focussed, cost effective and deliver a tangible return on investment. We work with some of the world’s largest companies to develop, tailor and execute corporate communications strategies across all communications channels.

Public affairs & policy

We specialise in supporting organisations to navigate complex political and policy environments. We have over two decades of experience working across all levels of government to inform, educate and support our clients to understand and engage in the political policy process. We monitor and analyse policy development and political sentiment to shape strategy and identify opportunities and mitigate risks. We combine in-house corporate training and experience with political impartiality to maintain our position as a trusted and valued partner and advocate.

Climate & Sustainability

As governments and business drive towards net zero emissions targets, there is requirement to innovative to meet new demands on climate change and demonstrate a positive impact on people, society and planet. Sustainability principles are now central to all government policy thinking and there will be increasing global demand for accelerated change and more ambitious goals. We can provide practical, strategic advice and support on how best to engage with government and policy makers and our experienced team have expertise in working with clients on the development and delivery of corporate responsibility and sustainability strategies.

Constitutional change management

Our dedicated Constitutional Change Management service was established to help clients better understand and navigate a changing political landscape. Our politically impartial approach allows us to provide evidence-based guidance and advice on all aspects of constitutional change. We analyse data, sentiment and trends to identify opportunities and risks and inform operational and investment decisions.

Stakeholder & market

Social and digital media has amplified the voice of consumers, influencers and communities. This has created a platform to better understand their motivations and to engage directly and dynamically in real-time. We offer a comprehensive and discreet service that provides a clear picture of how an organisation is perceived externally and also advise on strategies to maximise engagement and manage corporate positioning. We help clients identify and connect with key stakeholder groups to understand issues, identify opportunities and convey key messages.

Insight & analysis

Our political and key audience monitoring service enables our team to build intelligence on key developments and activities. Our evidence-based approach allows us to develop strategies and messages with purpose and impact. We provide detailed, concise and bespoke analysis to support strategy development and execution. Objectively analysing data is critical in developing or supporting communications strategies and effective policy making. Data Distil is our dedicated data analytics service designed to gather, distil and present complex data sets concisely to inform strategy and policy development.

Media & digital

We provide a full range of media services from strategy and content development to analysis and crisis communications. Our experienced media team work across social and traditional mediums at all levels and are well versed in supporting clients to manage external media communications. As an integrated communications agency, we work to ensure that messaging is consistent and communicated across all platforms in line with strategic objectives. We also develop digital communications strategies and establish and manage digital platforms. We also provide specialist media training and client media centres and run dedicated client press offices/media relations programmes.

Reputation & crisis

Everyone knows that a good reputation is hard won and easily lost so it is important to plan and be prepared. In addition to developing proactive communications strategies and managing current risks and issues, we spend time scenario planning and preparing for future challenges. We have proven crisis management expertise and are always on-call to mitigate risk and provide reputation protection.


We have extensive project management experience and can plan and deliver communications projects of any size and complexity. This includes community engagement, parliamentary events, large scale change management projects, and mergers and acquisitions.

Data Distil

Harnessing data to inform strategy, insight and policy
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David Ross
David McIntosh
Marie Burman
David McLeod
Jayne Swanson
Colin Stewart

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We are a progressive, energetic, and results-driven strategic communications business. Underpinned by corporate discipline and impartiality, we provide insight and strategies to deal with complex and dynamic environments. Independently owned and based in Scotland, we are embedded in its political, media and business arenas to deliver high quality counsel and value to a range of national and international clients.
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