Constitutional Change Management

Dram Communications has launched a dedicated Constitutional Change Management service to help companies unpick the issues and identify the opportunities that will affect their operations in Scotland.

Independently owned and based in Scotland, we are embedded in its commerce, politics and media arenas. Our team of highly experienced public affairs specialists deliver informed analysis and guidance supported by tailored political, media and stakeholder monitoring services.

Eighty percent of businesses did not undertake any business planning ahead of the referendum and the dynamic political and economic environment we have now entered creates an opportunity to inform, educate and influence key stakeholders and policymakers.

For further information, please contact David McIntosh 07771 643 311.

Corporate Communications & Strategy

Effective corporate communications activity should be the backbone of any successful business plan or corporate strategy.

Dram Communications develop integrated strategies that support growth and minimise reputational risk. We work with clients to identify and target key stakeholder groups and utilise appropriate communications channels to convey key messages.

Our specialism is in developing integrated strategies that are simple to manage, cost effective and deliver a tangible return on investment.

Public Affairs & Government Relations

Proactive engagement with politicians and policy makers creates an opportunity to inform, educate and influence.

Utilising corporate experience and impartiality we devise and deliver programmes that maximise opportunities and mitigate risk for clients and their communities. We operate extensively at all levels of government and with key policy influencers to ensure productive relationships are fostered between the most relevant stakeholders.

We monitor and analyse political activity and policy to determine likely impacts and opportunity for clients. We provide concise tailored reports and alerts to enable clients to take informed decisions.

Our typical approach is based on transparent and collaborative working. We seek to promote compelling cases and thought leadership in order to achieve consensus.

Stakeholder & Market Engagement

Social media has amplified the voice of consumers and communities, creating a real opportunity to understand customer needs and expectations.

We offer a comprehensive and discreet service that gives a clear picture of how a organisation is perceived and provide suggested interventions to manage positioning.

We help clients identify and engage with key stakeholder groups so that they can understand issues, identify opportunities and convey key messages in order to build loyalty and growth.

A businesses key personnel are ultimately its best advocates. We provide specialist training and briefing for engaging directly with the media, politicians, social media both in the course of business and in a crisis. We work with journalists, politicians and technical experts to ensure challenging and realistic experience.

Insight & Market Research

Successful businesses have a healthy understanding of how they are perceived in the environments in which they operate. Anticipating and responding to trends and market dynamics will enable sustainable growth.

We guide clients on how to make effective use of data to shape strategic thinking and business plan execution.

Media & Digital Communications

A digital presence and media profile can offer huge potential for any business provided it is targeted, monitored and relevant. Conversely the speed and reach of exchange can overwhelm and quickly deliver unintended consequences so clear direction and ongoing management is essential.

We work with clients to set up digital platforms including website development and social media, advise on search engine optimisation activity, and provide training on messaging, building communities and user governance.

Due to our extensive integrated communications experience, Dram Communications works to ensure messages are positioned consistently and heard by relevant traditional and new media outlets.

Reputation & Crisis Management

Everyone knows that a good reputation is hard won and easily lost so it is important to plan and be prepared.

In addition to developing proactive communications strategies Dram Communications specialises in working with clients to manage current and potential issues.

We have proven crisis management expertise and are always on-call to mitigate risk and provide reputation protection.

Corporate Social Responsibility

A genuine and value driven corporate responsibility policy should be more than a prerequisite. It should reflect the values of a business and more importantly deliver for employees, communities and the environment in which a business operates.

Our broad suite of CSR services include shaping existing policies, reviewing best practice and social expectations and even project managing charitable funds.

Project Management

Through research, insight, analysis and presentation, ideas and concepts can be shaped into business opportunities.

To meet specific goals and objectives of our clients, we have a dedicated project delivery capability. From planning and monitoring your project to the effective management of resource, time and cost, we have the experience to deliver key outcomes.